Faculty and students are using social media and web 2.0 in hundreds of different ways. These are just some of the examples that caught my attention or that have resources available.

"Don't call it a blog: Call it an Educational Publishing Platform"
W. Gardner-Campbell, Baylor University
-University of Mary Washington Blogs: A publishing platform for the Mary Washington community.
-Introduction to Historical Methods -- An example of a blog that has continued after the course finished.

Linking Academic Courses and Community Partners
Wagnerpedia Wagner College, J. Gutkin and P. Schoknecht
Uses a wiki to work collectively with students, faculty, and community partners to develop projects and have those projects exist across semesters. (Intriguing idea that might work for the Brockport Social Work Department).

NJVid: A Collaborative Portal for Statewide Video Access
Sandra L. Miller, William Paterson University of New Jersey
NJVid is a collection and service-driven portal and repository initially funded by IMLS, the Institute of Museum and Library Services. NJVid will provide New Jerseys K20 institutions, museums, and libraries state-of-the-art video access. Powerpoint presentation

Research1: Developing an Online Community for the Sharing of Research
Andre Tan, ResearchChannel, University of Washington
Research1 is an online community that allows researchers to collaborate with peers, share their work, and interact with the general public through project-related digital media, blogs, and forums.

"Visit, Upload, and Share! Collaboration Through Web 2.0 Tools in an International Experience Class"
Bryant University, R. Mohan & E. Park
Used Web 2.0 tools to help students prepare for study abroad.