SUNYLA June 16-18, 2010 The College at Brockport, SUNY

The LibGuide Fan Club
Fri. 6/18 8:30 -- 9:45 a.m.

LibGuides Demo and Design page
LibGuide showing how the different boxes can be used and edited, plus additional design information.

The article I authored, which includes recommendations for online library research guides at the end.
Little, J. (2010). Cognitive load theory and library research guides. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 15(1), 53-59.
DOI: 10.1080/10875300903530199

Researching and Writing a Paper
LibGuide created with members of a faculty learning community. It continues to be one of our most-used LibGuides.
(Forthcoming paper written after the FLC ended:
Little, J., Fallon, M., Dauenhauer, J., Balzano, B., & Halquist, D. (2010). Interdisciplinary collaboration: A faculty learning community creates a comprehensive LibGuide. )

My Notes
June 16-18, The College at Brockport
[Add notes from preconference]
Critical Thinking and the one-shot library instruction session: the challenge of 45 minutes
Jonathan Cope, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Librarians as discourse mediators (article)
1. Do at the beginning of a class (use Abtutor)
Use Quiz software—why are you here today? Identify one thing that you would like to learn about the library or academic research today.

2. Stop talking so much. How is academic research different from research done in a student’s day-to-day life?
(Show google: movie times Brockport or Rochester. Then Ebsco: How is this information evaluated?

3. Use active exercises, understand its relationship to information literacy.

Oh Users, Where art thou?
Daniel Newton and Jenica Rogers

Building relationships:
Stressbusters – games, toys, decorations, candy in the loby to ive studnts a way to blow off steam during the cram of finals – mini golf station
(radical trust)

Look for inspiration everywhere.
--graffiti the library safety
It students communicate creatively, why shouldn’t we? She put up sheets in the lobby and students could write comments, then the director would go and answer the questions.

I will make a suggestion…. Sticky notes on a board…

They had their Institutional Research office help them create a survey.

The LibGuides fan club: How using LibGuides has changed the way we work
Jenny Farquhar, Suffolk
Michelle Tomaszewski,GCC
Jennifer Little, Brockport

Jenny: The Information Literacy committee met to discuss/create LibGuides.
They are mainly creating course guides.

They have a starter kit for other librarians to use. (If you copy the whole thing, then you have to delete quite a bit.) – has a “homepage” – a way to orient them to the guide itself. AWESOME IDEA!! Would help all of us immensely!!!

Use libguides for web resources from old web pages.
(Reference desk notebook): Use for feedback for database trials.
General Reference igoogle page
“Computer notebook” libguide
Widget repository (ask Logan? Or create on under “starter kit”)
Course specific guides – drop down for each course
Jennifer: faculty contributions/ design considerations

Google images from Flikr
Web Tools to enhance Information Fluency
Another cool idea…

Establishing and Promoting as an educational tool on your campus
Nancy Williamson & Christine Butler, Nassau CC
NCC Colloquium on Classroom dishonesty 2006
Panel included a librarian
Emphasis on IL instruction; assignment strategies
Library established as central in preventing plagiarism
Periodical db, large paper db, name recognition
Library responsible for instruction and support
One librarian – Christine took over.
Students love it… because it allows them to get a second chance to fix the paper (esp. when it comes to paraphrasing).
Turnitin is a TOOL not a TRAP (pic of phone in mousetrap)
Faculty: Great, it will grade all their papers for them.
Have to become a public speaker...

Getting the WORD out: emails, faculty homepage, dept mtg, new faculty orientation, tutorials, word of mouth, school newsletter, and student paper
Her faculty website Professor Butler ****