Keynote Speaker:

"Einstein goes to a party"

ALA "Core competencies of Librarianship" -- His response: BLECH!

  • Need to shift from:
    • Collection --> Scholarship
    • Dissemination --> Action
    • Sharing --> Social Good

  • Recorded Knowledge does not exist
    • We have conversations with ourselves when we learn
    • Knowledge is created through conversation

  • Information vs. Knowledge (learning business) LIBRARIANS are in the latter one.
    Did we make a difference in student learning?

  • Mission of Librarians: To improve society through facilitation knowledge creation in their communities.
    Libraries are run by people: Librarians are NOBLE in our vocation!!!

  • Library is anatomical Center/ Knowledge mover
    • Serve/Innovate/Lead
    • If 75% of our budge goes to acq and cat, why? Need more outreach, teaching, information literacy

  • Google vs. search box on library web page -- NOT the same!
    Google-opology "it's a connected world"
Teaching Faculty/Staff to be social
Purchase College

Night time workshops for students
Offered classes on social networking, new technology tools
Send email reminder day or two beforehand.
UUP-- Gave
$10 for lunch!**
Follow-up email sent to participants
Faculty wine/cheese event for the fall -- Advertise to all.

Use wiki for workshop materials