SLN SOL Summit, Syracuse, NY Feb. 25-26, 2010

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Session I:
Introducing: The Herkimer Hyflex
  • Hybrid course design: some portion of required class activity occurs within the classroom environment, the remainder occurs within the online environment.
  • Heutagogy: learners assume as much responsibility for determining their own learning conditions as possible (what to learn, how to learn, where to learn, when to learn, etc.)
  • HyFlex course design: all or most course learning activities are offered both in class and online. Learning activities can include content presentation (lecture / multimedia / PowerPoint / etc.) content engagement (class and small group discussion / group projects / research papers / etc.) and assessment (quizzes / exams / written assignments / etc.). Each learner determines for her/himself which environment to attend for each activity.

Student responses: Before I post, I get feedback from my boyfriend or Mom or someone else
I would add webcam to see the class when it's live.
I'm a social person, so I also like the interactions in the classroom.

Session II:
Using the Community of Inquiry (CoI) Framework to Assess the Impact of Instructional Design Strategies and New Technologies in Online Courses
Phil Ice, American Public University
Three concentric circle:
Social Presence
Cognitive Presence
Teaching Presence
Community of Inquiry website
(Mentioned read book Click, what people are doing online)
He uses early adapters of technology (bell curve) to test new technologies.
He adds audio feedback to pdfs in online courses.
Collaborative Tools:
SaaS WOrd Processors -- used Buzzword (Acrobat online word processor)
Buzzword was easier to use than Microsoft word, esp. for them to express complex concepts using multimedia.
Photo View
He has several examples of adult learning observations. (See his slide show later...)
Ages 38 to 47 really need it most right now .. Influenced by the epistemological orientation of course materials and activities

Session III:
SLN Research Report
Peter Shea, University at Albany
Women reported somewhat higher satisfaction, fewer technical difficulties
Randy Garrison mentioned again...

Session IV:
Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning: A tour of the 2010 horizon
Bryan Alexander, NITLE
Youtube future technology video
Evolving practices... pedagogy... in class/out of class
Largest platform for smartphones: Blackberry, iphone,
Any librarians in the room? :) a few of us...
Smartpens -- pencasting Lifescribe/Pulse
ebook readers -- See his notes for advantages -- students print less?!
Tablets 2.0 "phones aren't phones" anymore
AR moves into boom -- augmented reality
--Layar 2.0 content catalog
Beyond the Mouse:
Realtime search...
Classic Forms developing: Delicious, diigo
Google wave, SAP

"Affordance" term in cognitive psychology, etc. WIkipedia has good explanation.

Session V
Separating Content from Structure: The LMS Quandary
Stevie Rocco
Peer Evaluation tool in Penn State World Campus
IST250 one of her classes
Stevie's Delicous links, includes her presentation

Sessions VI
Dutchess Community College
Online Student Success Initiatives at Dutchess Community College
Chrisie Mitchell
Student success initiatives
1. Online course policy
3. Online Student Orientation -- we have SLN, but not really on our campus.

Session VII
Phil Ice
Retention in Online Learning
OLAT His new LMS -- need some strong java programmers

Session VII
Stevie Rocco
PSU Online Initiative (Penn State Online.... World Campus started in 1997)
Includes library, ed tech services, CENTRALIZED!
Library-- resources to learners, books to them, online resources
World Campus--12 -15 instructional designers,
Integrate and evolve e-learning
Promote coordination between units
"Centralized support services"-- I like that idea because it brings everyone together to support online learning.
Every campus has an "e-learning advocate."
Has a faculty self assessment component

Session VIII
Richard Garrett
Online Higher Education Market Update -- U.S. and NY Data
(he presented via Skype because flight cancelled due to big snowstorm! 18 inches in SYR)
Very wordy powerpoint... see notes to read better.