Print is Dead? The Future of Print Books and Journals

Discussion Led at CELT, Friday, April 3, 2009 by
Jennifer Little, Susan Perry (Serials Librarian), and Peter Veronesi (Education).


Print vs. digital: the future of coexistence / Ed. Sul H. Lee 2007
Print is dead: Books in our digital age / Jeff Gomez 2008 Print is Dead Blog
Grown up digital: how the net generation is changing your world D. Tapscott 2009 Grown up digital blog
Download audio books from the Monroe County Public Library.

Articles related directly to the topic

"The Digital future of books" By L. Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal 5/19/2009
Beyond Coexistence: Finding synergies between print content and digital information by Joan K. Lippincott, Journal of Library Administration, 46:2, 2007 (also available in the Print vs. Digital book).
Google's plan for out-of-print books is challenged by G. Helft, New York Times, April 3, 2009.

Articles related to Reading Online

Rethinking online reading assessment by Julie Coiro, Educational Leadership March 2009
The importance of deep reading by M. Wolf and M. Barzillai, Educational Leadership, March 2009.
How People Read Books Online: Mining and Visualizing Web Logs for Use Information byChen, Rose, Bederson, Human Computer Interaction Lab Technical Report, March 2009.

Links for Digital Readers

Amazon's Kindle
Sony's Ebook Reader