NYLA Conference 2017 "Choose your own adventure: Everyday Advocacy"
Nov. 8-11, Saratoga Springs, NY

OER Presentation
  • FMCC experience: The library is the center of OER on campus. They no longer talk about the cost savings, but rather the conversation about student success, retention and graduation rate. A correlation has been found between the use of OERs and student success and retention (mentioned by others too). Mike Daly uses a rubric for OERs. They also found that requests for library instruction have increased, as well as use of library databases.
  • OERs are accessible on day one of the course, so students are not waiting for textbooks, financial aid money, or just not purchasing the textbook at all.
  • OERs demonstrate that the professor cares.
  • Highly recommend a TEAM for OER: Faculty, instructional designers, librarians, administrators
  • Lumen Learning allows you to change text, add new chapters, so you aren't limited to that exact textbook.

Medical Humanities
  • An interdisciplinary partnership between the Health Sciences Library and the Main Stony Brook Library
  • http://guides.library.stonybrook.edu/medical-humanities/home
  • Implications for Brockport: It reminded me of the partnership we are starting here with the Interdisciplinary Research Lab for the Erie Canal.
  • They recommended outreach and consultations with key individual faculty, attending events, and providing instruction. They also are digitizing exhibits (e.g. dental exhibit) with photographs and descriptions to go on their Digital Commons.

  • Contains mostly published materials
  • Prefers to call it a "membership" and not a subscription -- SUNY Buffalo just signed on with them.
  • 50% English, then French, Spanish, German, Arabic
  • Look for more possibilities for print-disabled folks soon
  • If a member can build sets or collections
  • Possibility for some OER here at Brockport, but not all content is open
  • https://www.hathitrust.org/

Attended two workshops where they described using a facilitator/consultant, both with successful outcomes:
  • One with a Friends Group, "Friends Choose Their Own Leadership"-- Ambika Sambasivan, Fruitfly Consulting
  • One with a public library, "Relevant, Responsive & Resilient Change Management" -- Mary-Ellen Piche -- and the Change Management Model (CMM)

Academic Library's Role in a time of educational transformation
Ideas from Friends' Groups
  • Meet the author's luncheon
  • Junior Friends of the Library (here it would be a Students' Friends group)
  • Empire State Center for the Book contact rocco.staino @ gmail.com to submit an author http://www.empirestatebook.com/
  • Murder/Mystery Dinner (lots of work, similar to our literary figures dinner
  • Sponsor or support Humanities New York programs