NYLA 2010

21st century libraries: The challenges and opportunities.

Roberta Stevens
President ALA
All of us are potential leaders.
Help peopler who can't get to these conferences too. Library associations.
-20th c. Problems. Centralized management. Place-based work at specific times.
-21st c. Work requires flexibility adaptability technological and interactive skills.
Organizational culture is multifaceted.
Education is selfdirected and lifelong.
People want to design and manage their own experience. Want control.
They value expertise but reject authority.
Small scale production in niche markets.
Centralized management has transitioned to self-organization.
flourish when they solve people's a communities problems.
-Preparing for 21st c. And the global economy:
Guide ind. In dev of info comm and tech literacy skills, critical thinking, prob solving By nurturing creativity and innovation Collaboratiion and cross discipline thinking.
Libraries are strategically placed to fulfill a national imperative. We have the ability to provide access to knowledge and search strategies for obtaining info and by instructing users how to analyze its values.
Demo ROI return on investment.
Consolidation driving up market prices.
24/7 expectations.
Lots of info with everyone a content provider.
-Library as place and physical structure.
Shift from being constructed around library operations to being centered on how people learn,use information and participate in the life of the community. Get end user input.
They tore the 60s structures down and STARTED OVER!!!!
-Key aspects in library design:
Spaces for solitary useres and groups working together.
Ample seating, electrical outlets, wireless access, signage, maps and directories, lockers, coffee shops or cafes.
An info desk near the entrance.
Teaching and learning centers with sophisticated tech resources.
-Library designs:
Create customer driven library by researching the needs of current and potential customers.
Recognize the collaborative style of young people today and the lifelong learning needs of older people.
-Staff with 21st c. skills?!
Need skills in strategic planning budgeting and the management of human resources and projects-- missing in library schools.
I am a 21 st century librarian!! Tout it be proud of it!
-Impact of the global recession:
Delays in retirements have meant new and young staff with vital 21st c. skill sets cannot be hired.
-Different generations with different expectations.
A career path based on learning growth and challenge.
A work-life balance, which considererd more imp than anything else incl. $$
Challenge of transforming 20 to 21st. c. libraries:
Not just content driven but now customer and content driven.
Library leaders:
Aggressively market the library as the center the heart and mind of the community ,school or campus. GOUCHER COLLEGE Info Lit is a critical skill for today's world.
ALA advocacy-- Be an advocate for your library.
All ala leaning opportunities are online in one place. Offer younger staff these learning opportunities!!!!!
1. Our authors, Our advocates -- cultivating your local notables.
2. Frontline Fundraising. -- online toolkit. MJO look at,esp. with the campaign coming up. The LOC raised half a billion dollars with only 4 people. Have to have a STRONG BRAND.
3. Why I need my library contest -- teens making videos on YouTube and posting on ilovelibraries and atyourlibraries websites.
No time for modesty!!! All of have to work for advocating the library.

Ereaders. What libraries need to know

He likes Sony. First player that went to an open format.
The lending model is the issue.
Kindle doesn't work with the lending model.
Aa dozen players coming that are cheaper adn faster than anything available.
Notebooks, droid, droidpad ,tablets,
People are still reading ON THE COMPUTER. And ESP. On their phones.
They are making their own platform for ereaders and the ipad iPhones.
Interactivity is huge.
Internet connected, have to have a browser.
Doesi overdrive have a persistent links? The ones you buy do, not sure about project gutenberg.
Nypl.org has books available
Your library can become a bookstore ,can get proceeds from ebook sales.
Buy epub if you can. When patrons have issues please send them to them. That's the best way to get things fixed!!
Bethlehem Public library training their librarians so they can be "go-to" people to help them with ereader questions, nook sonny ereader. BN I'd telling people that they can take your ereader to the library and get free books on it. They are more customer friendly than amazon.
We are all about customer service.
They are also learning how to use the iPad.
We can be known as the experts to help people with these new technologies.
They had a tech fair and invited the local BN. They are trying to be different than amazon.
SONY is one of the biggest referrers to the nypl.org and overdrive.
Prohibitve conduct -- more on the software than the physical device itself.
Can't change the software ,just going with the physical device.
One book one user.
One to one relationship between the computer and the reader.
Library has to have files that let you expire them.
Download station for overdrive.. It does not work ebooks yet, but it will.

Poster sessions

White boards around the library. Check out a bag of dry erase markers and eraser from the Circ Desk (UAlbany idea).
Kindle with "packaged content. " Download key articles, websites, etc. to the Kindle for specific population (i.e. nursing staff).
Text a librarian.

LILAC program

Presentation with other RRLC librarians.

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