General ideas:

  • Several ideas for names: learning commons, research commons, research corridor, learning space, library commons, information commons
  • Ask USERS (not the administration) what they need and/or want.
  • Find out how many incoming freshman bring laptops vs. pc's.
  • Look at student learning objectives... what do we want students to be able to...
  • Transparent delivery of services (doesn't matter which desk, or who, the services come from. Students don't care.)
  • Don't make the committee so big that you can't get anything accomplished (i.e. how IU initially started)
  • Loved IU's mission statement: "The research commons will blend technology and traditional resources to serve as a center for a range of scholarly activities from collaborative digital projects to individual scholarship. Library and technical experts will provide the services and infrastructure to support faculty and student research and community building."
  • Leave blank spaces/room around the edges for re-purposing/event space.
  • Be careful that the space isn't TOO flexible.. you want it to be effective more than flexible.
  • CUNY: Figure out how it can impact learning.
  • Some links in the following list also include learning space planning for classrooms and digital media centers.

Library Commons:

Learning Spaces