Educause 2010

Anaheim, CA, October 11-15

Reinventing management in Networked world.

General session Wed am
Old guard instead of the vanguard
A crisis often precipitates a shakeup in any institution.
Thinks strategically. --often only in administration.

1. Cognitive -- getting beyond denial. (think relationship analogy.)
Treat every belief like an hypothesis.
Seek out the dissidents and the critics. (fire the leadership now. )
Spend time out on the bleeding edge.
Try to imagine the unimaginable.
Brand valor cannot be easily matched?? Can't buy into that!
2. Strategic -- creating options for renewal.
3. Political -- realigning talent and capital.
How is it that a woman in Bangladesh can get money for a new idea easier than someone in a university? Fun money.
(Reminds me of our faculty technology initiative grants.)
4. Existential -- enlarging our sense of mission.
One laptop per child. MIT
Apple -- liberal arts and technology -- Steve jobs announcing iPad.
Learned sense of helplessness!!!! People "down the chain."

Reshaping information services for students of the iGeneration: Evidence and insights from the MISO survey.

(Rewired understanding the igeneration and the way they learn
By larry rosin -- Possible book for FLC)

Importance and satisfaction are on a linear scale.
Highest satisfaction -- 16 have to do with the library
Only 4 items below3.0 all have to do with infrastructure ie wireless and network stability
.1 by one year is moving by 5 percent
Library research instruction and tech instruction-- both becoming more important
Mediated but they do help a student become self sufficient.
Quiet workspace in the library is increasing in importance.
Help desk and library website decreasing in importance.

J. Wilson
Story #1
Crossing over pairs of importance trends
Students : computing support
By 2014 the computing website will be more important than the help desk.

Research services
Library reference services remains constant ,but importance of library research instruction increasing.
By 2014 research instruction will be more important.

Campus computing :
Campus computing labs and public computing in the library.
Crossover already happened, library is key place.
Importance of campus labs decreasing but still needed in library

Story number 2
"The class year effect"
Service importance
Service for which class year matters, difference in importance over a students academic career, purely the class year effect not change over time.
Library databases, ILL, campus computing labs, online library catalog
Bottom part of chart is more important to first year and second year students
Students: global trends
Change over time, have set controls for class year effect
Class year and global trends
Above dotted line, tends to amplify the class year effect
Below dotted line the global effect tend to revers the class effect
For two instruction services : should focus more on upper year students not just lower levels.

Accelerating change:
Double our efforts to enrich library content sources

Story number 3
Helpdesk reference and circulation services
Friendliness is on the bottom of the list
F. Isn't key to good service, other attributes trump it.
Workflow improvements need to be worked on more than friendliness.

Students value and rely on tech driven and content value.
Need us to focus more on infrastructure and performance.
Students are far less reliant on help and support service let me do it and get out of the way, give me spaces, especially in the library, give me instruction and let me get to it

Action Items:
Deliver campus networked resources
Empower students with online resources that can be used without staff help, effective timely instruction, and computing tools.
Deliver library online services and study space that meet the needs of students.
Streamline our core support services but focus more in services that students need more.

Study services that we deliver on our campus because may or may not match these results.

Brandeis has reduced ref desk service during the day depending on time of semester and year.
Library reference is not to be discarded lightly but library instruction is on the rise.
The way reference work is delivered is changing, with more librarians in instruction.

The horizon report in action deploying innovation locally default/files/library/ presentations/E10/SESS055/ E2010ACTLAll2.pptx

Open Access
Mobile computing
Chickering and gammons principles for good practice in undergraduate education

Ebooks, etextbooks -- the future is here.
Etextbooks initiatives northwest, ohiolik, macalaster, univ of cincinnati
Ereadere pilots on all campuses around country.
"IT and libraries bringing the campus together"

Future, Kno blip, Advantage: notes = knowledge construction

To get faculty involved with mobile computing have them just try one new technology or mobile thing was an example
For just one week
Then share with other faculty, ie at CELT

Dealing with the changing world of etextbooks

David Lewis IUPUI
Jon rick man, roger Von holzen
NW MO State U

The art of public speaking -- most popular speech textbook McGraw hill
Nacs' student report (look up later)


Print vs digital
With good print on demand and reasonable reading devicess this distinction become less important.
Economic model
Open vs proprietary
Who pays? Student or university
Item by item vs site license

Two University studies:
7000 students, they provide textbooks for students for 100 years
Digital learning environment
Keystone -- they believe the last piece of the puzzle to complete the deal is econtent and etextbooks
They also wanted to reduce paper

Etextbooks project -- 3 phases
1. Ereaders Sony -- only lasted one semester. Did like them for pleasure reading.
Ereaders not really designed for input but for reading.
Ereaders were attention getters but not attention keepers.
They thought the ereaders would be the driver; still not sure..

2. notebook computers (all students get one). --
Evaluate etextbooks designed for use on student notebooks.
VitalSource Bookshelf.
They went with just one platform. Didn't need much IT help. Students still liked etextbooks better.

3. etextbooks and electronic learning resources
Most etextbooks are PDF in format but they are limited in features.
Pushing for integrated materials for course materials etextbooks and
Pearson -- my math lab

Moving forward:
New delivery platform. Tablet with ereaders option
Need standardized format
Ipads impact on market-- impact of competing tablets on market

IU study:
Logistical pieces were not problematic.
Students really liked when profs annotated parts of text.
Use of annotation and notes correlated with higher grades.

What's required:
1. Open educational resources
2. Change the economic model from retail to b2b so consumer has more market power.

Discussion forum: Digital learning resources: does the iPad change everything/anything?

To get summary email
Will be posted on webpage too.
iPad speed dating -- pair up faculty to talk about how they use it.
iPad happy hour
Easier to share between students, even than a laptop.
Library: iPad takes the reference librarians out from behind the reference desk.
Easier to meet students one on one. Not hiding behind a laptop screen.
Power of the device is in the individualization, personal productivity

The academic library in 2025

Kara Malenfant, ACRL
David Staley, history professor,OH state university

Trends that will happen:
Breaking the textbook monopoly.
Librarians need to continue to be part of the planning process.
Bridging the traditional divide
Everyone is a nontraditional student.
I see what you see.
This class brought to you by .... (race car, people pay attention to ads more than faculty)

Wild cards: low probability and high impact (ideas/things that might happen)
Community over consumerism
Longevity is the new wealth.
Sign on the dotted line. Libns no longer have tenure, bring in grants.
College degree for every citizen.
Academic niche networking
Archives on demand. ..affordable 3d printers are ubiquitous
No need to search
Out of business. Info companies supplant the library, outsourced services
Pop- up campus.
Renaissance redux.
Think U.
Lower impact: ( list too long to copy)
Rexamine this list in about 6 months.
Concluding thoughts:
Reports has suggested activity at the back.
Challenge the mental models of librarians. acrlinsider/2010/06/21/ futures-thinking-for-academic- librarians/

Libraries and outreach: partnerships for public education

OR state university
Scholars u
Permanent urls
Fulltext searchable
Search engine discoverable
Freely available
Students do cataloging to ease burden on catalogers
Outreach and engagement on OSU webpage

http://outreach.oregonstate. edu/

Press "Delete"

Charles Henry, President of CLIR
Radical collaboration
Colleges compete on all levels, for students, sports, resources, etc.
Funding patterns, often Based on grants
Collsboration across disciplines, Internet
Migration dilemma -- digital replacements should not just replace analog ones.
Scholarly communication
We outsourced and then we buy back content.
Promising projects and examples:
CRL print archives
OAPEN EU academic publishing
University presses
Many at risk, closing threatened, etc.

ECAR Information session

Results you can use, Student study attitudes toward tech
2010 study just released: h ResearchPublications/ SurveyInstruments/1004

Poster sessions

Now just one Minute producing and evaluating the library

Counting new forms of scholarship tabard tenure and promotion

Library learning objects repository to support teaching and learning
"plant a seed watch a class blossom"
Http:// angel
Marie saimbert

Sessions did not attend but they did research on ebooks. ,ereadees ,
Cable Green WA state board for comm and tech colleges?

Vendor notes to remember

Dell...look at their tablet
Entourage..edge, new one in november
Security thing for laptops, kindle, ipads, etc
Coursesmart... Contact heather, business card
Techsmith...jing, free cd, fun pins open source place to put videos, but can be used with blackboard, more security
Student engagement piece, used at oneonta

Distance vs distributed education: bringing the campus to the student.

Neil gershenfeld, MIT
One of the main general sessions
(NGLC-- Ira Fuchs -- next generation ...)
Digital fabrication digfab labs
Peer to peer education
Building a wirelesss network out of junk. YouTube video NPR
Fab5 project
Fab Academy
Is MIT. Obsolete? SEED Magazine.
Carnegie libraries ... Libraries for literacy
Libraries for a new sense of literacy. Fablabs
Data become tngs and things become data.

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