After attending Educause 2008 in Orlando, FL, I needed a place to gather my thoughts and all I had learned into one place. As a librarian with an interest in instructional technology and design, the conference was a perfect place to learn more about educational technology in higher education. I found tracks aimed specifically at librarians as well as sessions aimed at instruction for faculty that I can apply to my job as the library instruction coordinator. The main links on this page reflect the various sessions and/or ideas that I learned about at this conference. I also was able to network with people from other universities and vendors from companies with whom we do business, which in itself, was invaluable.

Learning Spaces
Designing Courses
Digital Spaces
Instructional Design
Social Media & Web 2.0

Here are some of my favorite quotes/ideas from the general sessions:

Moira Gunn:
"Focus on the information, let the technology move around us." She compared it to a time she had been in a boat, and upon becoming seasick, someone had told her, "Fix your eye on the land and let the boat roll around you." Information is the constant, and although we may be called upon to change it, manipulate it, be responsible for it, the technologies we use to do those things will always be changing.

Sarah Robbins-Bell (intellagirl):
"Imagine when our grandkids ask us, "Why did Grandma carry around that heavy and big laptop?" That stuck with me, too, because I got tired of carrying my "heavy" laptop around the convention center.
She also initiated a somewhat controversial topic by saying that with social media, why do students really need a "bricks and mortar college campus?" Many of the reasons students come to college can be done through social media... students can share information, create online communities, join online fraternities or sororities, i.e. do much of the normal things they would do on a typical college campus. Food for thought...

Freeman A. Hrabowski, III (closing speaker):
Technology touches everyone. Leadership is the big question. TRANSPARENCY is the answer. Ask good questions. Listen well. Get people to think about ways to connect with each other.

Guard your Thoughts because they become your Words.
Watch your Words because they become your Actions.
Watch your Actions because they become your Habits.
Watch your Habits because they define your Character.
And, watch your Character because it becomes your destiny.

"I came I laughed I learned." (an understatement but VERY true.)

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