Teaching Outside the Box
Presenter: Alexandra M. Pickett, SUNY System Administration

Present -- Engage -- Access
Web2.0 Tools
Uses Moodle for her online course
I feel an obligation to: Participate, Evaluate, Document and expose and engage students & faculty to and in this process.
  • To explore, text, and evaluate
  • to add bling (i.e., interaction, engagemnet, visual appeal)
  • to provide student access beyond the end of the term

Tracking the Evolution of Text Using Innovative Internet Resources
Presenter: Laurel Saiz, Onondaga Community College

Project Gutenberg
-- Distributed Proofreaders
Libri Vox
-- accoustical liberation of books in the public domain
-- audio files can augment text-based instruction.
-- useful for students with special needs
-- helpful to have students help proofread
-- "digital divide"
-- inconsistent voices and delivery

Dr. Elizabeth Lane Lawley
Director of the Lab for Social Computing
and Associate Professor, Information Technology
Rochester Institute of Technology
Technical / Tangible / Social
Tangible experiences/objects: People want to get away from the SCREEN!!!

The Role of Commitment to Pedagogical Quality: The Adoption of Instructional
Technology in Higher Education
Presenter: Patricia Baia, University at Albany, Albany College of Pharmacy

Instructional Technology Adoption
CPQ : Commitment to Pedagogical Quality

Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation
ITAM Investigation:
--Higher Education
-------Beliefs, Motives, and Adequacy of Resources

Teaching Tool for Educators
Translating assessment knowledge into teaching complex analytical and conceptual research models requires new ways of utilizing technology and resources. Large scale secondary data enable researchers to generalize findings to entire populations. The presenter will highlight the US Government’s National Center for Educational Statistics, and demonstrate interactive web tools.
Presenter: Pam Weidel, University at Buffalo