"Imagine, Innovate, Inspire"
Indianapolis, IN
April 10-13, 2013

Roundtable Discussions:

"The MISO (Measuring Information Services Outcomes) Survey: An alternative survey for Library and IT Services"
4/11/13 3-4p
See also the MISO Survey page:

"Lending e-readers and tablets: are they a viable option for e-books?"
4/12/13 11a-12p


Presentation by Jennifer Little & Pat Maxwell (on the Kindles only):

Information literacy and scholarly communication: mutually exclusive or naturally symbiotic

A threshold concept in info

Info lite threshold concept in disciplines
UCI Libraries info lite assessment journey

2 same questions that we want to ask.

An info lite student understand how scholars in a discipline create share and preserve knowledge.

UC Irvine info lite rubric

Info lite ind understand the scholarly communication methods of their discipline.

Cathy Palmer
-- Kim Duckett

Tools quote. Situated cognition and the culture of learning. educational researcher
Communication for science and research.

Peer review in 5 minutes on youtube
Follow up in online forums on LMS.
--Julia Gelfand

Says uhmmmm way too much



Corinne Bishop

pilot study examining student learning gains using online info lit modules

Some have students take the modules pre class

Pretest and post test scores

Irb process for pre test

80%cut score

Check out their info lite websites online
Robert Miller

Keep it streamlined for students: designing library instruction for the online learner.

Diagramed a database record so student can understand it.

Toporski and foley -- design principles for online instruction.

Reduce cognitive load.
This library orientation is fun!: building a successful virtual tour experience for students.

Scott rice appalachian state

Margaret Gregor

2 learning objectives.

Tell logan and Debby about this.. Die cuts laminating machines all ed tools.

Javascript jquery hugin free

Have to get item then put in barcode to take quiz.

Can reach more students this way.

Information literacy workshops for faculty.

Every dept has an info lit liaison.

Hacking the learner experience techniques and strategies for connecting with your instructional ecosystem

VA Tech

Brian matthews

Andy burkhardt, champlain college

Lauren pressley

Threshold concepts again. Jan meyer


Perry 1968 student affairs

Inquiry based learning

Student engagement , focus on them instead of JUST the content.
Poster sessions:

N. Arizona-- got rid of all ref coll, recommend getting rid of or adding to main coll, no middle ground or keeping just 10 or 20%. Used a book jobber, completed in 5 months
Cornell rehab of Mann library-- very good

Jumbo size it: a big class, blended learning collaboration in first year research and composition

St. Cloud jennifer quinlan

Kim Jaxon model, "community of practice"

Large classes but 5 mentors/profs

LIB 180

Each libn taught a section.


Strands 1-10
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
Have to sell a subj specific db to the rest of the class. Break into small groups.

Guide on the side and mentor mob, flipped classroom.
Students liked it and would highly recommend it be taken the first semester along with eng191.
Used a pre and post test.
Scale-up classroom by mediascape
Profs noticed better citations, want to do it again, the word is spreading.

Pedagogically savvy approaches to library tours, show and tell and other old school instruction scenarios

Trinity University

Anne Jumonville, A Robertson
Disorient... Then orient.. Says important things there when they need her more and are not staring at the computer.

Practice paying attention. -- look at artwork for 1 minute, see how long it takes to slow down,
She has been using more engagement in space to help teach other classes.
Beyond the physical archive: imagining primary source literacies in the digital age

Melanie maksin yale univ
Mixed methods mixed results

A study of engagement among students using ipads in library instruction

Univ of wyoming

Kaijsa calkins

See stud 3 times in library in first year

Didn't work, they focused too much on the ipads and not the task at hand
Design and integration of a distributed model for information literacy

Corinne Bishop, UCF

60,000 students

Online/blended 28000

Backward design principles ADDIE

Libn + ID + ILO libns + CDL teams

UCF info lit module demo
Id IL learning objective

Brainstorm 2-3 skills related to objective

2 questions to assess
Group exercise:

Brainstorm keywords.

Think about topic

Take a more strategic look

Identify the elements of the topic.

Circle the keywords. Generate a list of keywords.

Identify and locate alternative appropriate synonyms an keywords.
Has the student identified various elements of the research topic?
Can get a GUEST ACCOUNT - do that!

Assign for credit, as practice

Librarians also assign them before instruction classes... Lets try that too.
Get feedback from fac and students.